PSOI follows a strict code of conduct for smooth functioning of PSOI and giving good ambiance to the members who are from various government organizations. Following the code of conduct are to be followed strictly by the members during their visit to PSOI.


Members who bring children to the institute are responsible at all times for their behavior while in the institute premises. Children are not permitted to enter the Bar area.

Members Servants

  • Private servants, ayahs, motor car drivers, and attendants of members, while they are on the institute, shall be objected to and shall forthwith obey, all lawful orders given to them by any office bearer or authorized officer of the institute it shall be the duty of the member to instruct their servants, motor car drivers and attendants accordingly. Ayahs are not allowed in the institute Premises, Lounges, Lawns and poolside etc.


  • Dogs or other pet animals are not allowed in the institute premises.

Dealings with Institute Staff

  • No member, visitor, dependent, or guest shall give any money,  fee or gratuity to any staff of the institute nor shall the later receive the same on lay pretense whatsoever. Infringement on the part of the institute staff will invoke disciplinary action which may extend to dismissal. Appreciation of service may be shown by a contribution to the Special Gratuity maintained by the institute for its staff.
  • No member shall offer or give any employee or staff of the institute any intoxic.ding or other liquor upon any pretext what so ever an any such employee or stall found to have also be initiated against the offending member of the Institute.
    intoxicating drink will liable for a major penalty. Disciplinary action will
  • No Member of the staff of the institute will be verbally abused or physically harmed. Such action will call for the withdrawal of membership.


  • Members are requested to assist the Management by ensuring that their cars are parked in an orderly fashion between the earmarked lines in the parking area. No vehicle is permitted to park in the reserved area.

Dress Regulations

  • Members are to be properly attired in the institute premises. Wearing of shorts is not permitted in the Main Bar and Restaurants. Casual attire is acceptable provided it does not offend the sensibilities of other members present. Sport shoes are to be worn on the sports activities.


  • Members shall sign and pay the full value of all articles of institute property accidentally or otherwise lost, broken or damaged by themselves, dependents, children, their guests or their servants. In case of willful damage, the amount to be charged to the members shall be fixed by the Committee.


  • Visitors/guests may be introduced into the institute premises. The introducing member shall be responsible for entering the name and address of his guests in the visitor’s book kept at the counter. The charges for guests will be notified by the committee from time to time which will be billed to the members.

Bringing in Personal Food Items/Alcoholic Drinks

  • Members, their dependents, and guests are not allowed to bring into the institute from outside any eatables, beverages or alcoholic drinks for consumption in the institute. Catering will be provided from institute restaurants only.

Suggestions and Complaints

  • Suggestions are welcome and may be entered in the “Suggestion Book” which is kept at the reception.
  • Complaints should he addressed to the President or Secretary P.S.O.I in writing or entered in a book which is kept for the purpose at the reception.

Removal or Damage to the Institute Property

  • No member, dependant, visitor or guest shall injure, multilate or take away from the institute for any reason whatsoever, any newspaper, book, crockery, furniture or any other object being the property of the institute. Any member or visitor injuring breaking or otherwise damaging or removing the property of the institute, shall at the discretion of the Committee be called upon to make good such damage or loss and pay such further amount by way of the fine as the committee may decide. A member shall be liable for any breakage, loss or damage caused by guests or visitors introduced by him.

Liability of the Institute

  • All members, visitors, dependents and guests who enter upon the institute premises and use facilities or consume any form of food, refreshments or water supplied by the institute, or park their vehicles on or in the vicinity of the institute premises, or leave any article(s) of whatsoever nature in or on the institute premises, whether in lockers or elsewhere or in deposit with any office bearer or servant of the institute, do so at their own risk and cost and the institute shall not be liable under any circumstances for personal injury sustained by them or loss or damage to their property not withstanding that such injury, loss or damage may directly or indirectly be due to, occasioned by or contributed to by the negligence of the institute or any of its office bearers, committee members, servants, members or their servants or any person whatsoever.
  • No member of the institute shall under any circumstances claim damages of any kind from the institute or any reason whatsoever, nor shall he proceed legally or otherwise against the institute for the realization of any claim whatsoever and the decision of the committee shall in all such matters be final.

Good Behavior

  • All members are expected to conduct themselves with utmost restraint and gentlemanly behavior. Any member resorting to foul language or physically violence within the institute premises is liable to be removed from the institutes membership.